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Hello, my name is Tim Steller. I’ve been a Sarasota local for the past 15 years with original roots back in NY. Growing up I always knew I would need to be set in a tropical location.

After school I made the move and instantly upon arriving at siesta beach and looking at this landscape I knew I found home. I’m always being inspired by life’s artistic ways.


I specialize in a unique art form that I created where I am trying to blend Craft Woodworking , Artistry , and Technology into wall hanging artworks that light up ! I have been doing these along side my wife and 2 boys for the past 5 years now and each is all done by hand. No laser cutting , All hand cut , assembled , sanded , painted and wired !!   Each of these artworks are battery powered and remote controlled so no wires to hide. Also weather proofed ! Because of the imperfections of these woods and unique look each is always a one of a kind. Never a duplicate.

I specialize in Sea life and coastal living scenery but I also love getting a chance to switch it up with maybe a mountain scenery , wild life , skylines , states or teams , lettering , or just about anything else ! I love working with clients imaginations and creating a custom design so please send me your thoughts !

Pricing varies from sizes and difficulties but for better details on a certain artwork send me a message along with a photo of the artwork your interested and I will gladly reply. Even more pictures on Instagram. ( tim_steller )   All pricing includes lighting. Also direct power lights are available. Great for businesses.   Shipping is also available but separate and not much !


Featured artworks in homes and for sale

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